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The overall goal of the project is to create a comprehensive mapping of the digital and technological competencies of youth in Kahramanmaraş high schools.

Education 4.0 for Youth

Increasing awareness about Education 4.0


Education 4.0 for Youth will enhance the digital learning experience of youth by designing a new learning methodology complementing virtual study.

General Objective

Education 4.0 for Youth will identify the basic IT skills strengths, weaknesses and gaps of students learning in virtual environments.


Creating a Skill Competency Map Creating a digital platform Creating a new approach and content for learning and teaching.



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Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast

“Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast” explores technological insertions in the field of education, with people who share their experiences on education 4.0 implementation. The challenges they have encountered, the achievements, and so on.

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Education 4.0 for Youth: Is this the Future of Learning?

This article explores the context of education 4.0, along with the differentiated aspects of the education 4.0 learning experience for youth.

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Emerging Education Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Explore the latest trends that inserted the educational sphere. A list of technological tools, ranging from e-books to AR/VR applications.

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Gamification & Tech in Education | Thomas Tsoulias & Konstantinos Reppas

Watch this TED presentation on how the demands of education have changed, and the role of gamification and technology in educational field.

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Education 4.0 Made Simple: Ideas For Teaching

The following paper presents 9 trends based on education 4.0 and ways of implementation in classroom contexts.

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Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027)

Meet the renewed EU’s Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), for substantial support of education towards the digital age, in a sustainable manner.

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AI in Tertiary Education: A Summary of The Current State of Play

This is a report that contains information regarding current AI applications in the educational framework. In addition, it documents the impact of AI in education, through case studies examination.

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Education 4.0 – Transforming The Future of Education

Education 4.0 is a request to the education sector to rethink educational paradigm”. This is short video on how conventional education methods can be transformed with the contribution of the 4th Industrial Revolution.





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